Launch Your Campaign

I want to launch a Start by Believing campaign in my own community – but where do I start?

We have had countless calls regarding this question! The easiest place to start is by exploring our website. You can start with the materials page, where we offer numerous Start by Believing resources, such as brochures, posters, and postcards available in English and Spanish.  These resources are available to you free of charge – you just pay the postage.

You will also want to check out the overview we prepared on our handout: Simple Steps to Help Our Communities Start by Believing. Some of the ways to get started include:

  • Mentioning the campaign at speaking engagements and trainings.
  • Informing survivors of the campaign and directing them to our website.
  • Encouraging survivors and their families to join the campaign.

Have you seen our Start by Believing PowerPoint? This interactive PowerPoint was designed to help you take the important message of the Start by Believing campaign into your own community.

Are you wondering what you can do as an individual to spread the word of the Start by Believing campaign? Here are a few examples of how you can participate in the campaign:

  • Forward our blogs and other social media posts to colleagues, friends, and family members.
  • Engage in dialogue over social media; make sure to “like” our SBB Facebook page and recommend your Facebook friends to “like” it.
  • Follow us on Twitter and tweet about us.
  • Add a link to our website on your website and in your e-blasts. 
  • Promote the campaign in newsletters and bulletins you send.

Here is a set of resources you can use to launch a local Start by Believing campaign. They were created for use in San Luis Obispo County, California and can be adapted for your own community

  • A Start by Believing brochure adapted for San Luis Obispo County. It provides an example for other communities to highlight local resources.
  • A press release, notifying local media about the launch of the SLO County campaign, which received coverage on local television and radio, as well as print media.
  • A proclamation issued by the San Luis Obispo City Council declaring February 1st, 2013 to be "Start by Believing Day." The same proclamation was issued by 6 neighboring cities, as well as the County Board of Supervisors.
  • An appeal letter, to provide a template for recruiting volunteers and soliciting financial contributions and other forms of assistance. In SLO County, the campaign was supported by local funders, personal donors, and in-kind contributions.

Other resources for your local campaign were developed by EVAWI on a national level:

And don't forget the basics:

To make a personal commitment, click here.
To share your story, click here.
Start by Believing campaign proudly brought to you by End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI).