Start by Believing was created without any external funding from grants or corporate sponsors. 

Support this campaign and help us reach friends, family members, responding professionals, and others with this simple yet powerful message: Start by Believing!


Some printed materials are available free of charge at our EVAWI Online Store:  posters, brochures, bookmarks and postcards (subject to inventory levels). All you have to do is pay postage.  These materials are provided in digital format below, to preview before ordering.

Many other materials are available for download on our Campaign Resources page.

National Slideshow

With pictures, quotes, and music, the slideshow powerfully illustrates the critical need to Start by Believing - and highlights just a few of the many campaign initiatives that have been launched. This slideshow cannot be modified.

It is available in three formats:

Printed Materials



This letter-sized brochure outlines the rationale for the Start by Believing campaign and describes the program of End Violence Against Women International.


This bookmark highlights the Start by Believing message and the vision statement of End Violence Against Women International.


Posters can be displayed in key locations in your community, to promote the campaign message. Available in both English and Spanish.

Descargar EPC cartel/afiche en español


Postcards provide an easy means of spreading the word at community events.   Also available in English and Spanish.

Descargar EPC tarjeta postal en español


Email for custom orders or if you have any questions.
Start by Believing campaign proudly brought to you by End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI).