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Recent Stories
I Am Going To Put My Name As Anonymous For Safely Issues Well I Want To Share My Story With Yall Well Let Me Start By Saying That When I Started To Get Molested I Was Around 7 Or Less But I Really Dont Know How I Was Cause I Dont Have a Lot Of Memory Well I Want To Say That I am Currently 15 And I Still Get Flash Backs Of What Happen Well Let Me Start My Story.Well When I Was Little My Mom Will Always Found Me Awake In The Middle Of The Night I Dont Know Why I Would Just Wake Up Cause I Was Scared I Really Didn't Know What Was I Scared Of But She Will Always Take Me Back To Bed And Waited For Me To Fall Asleep And I Always Shared Room With My 3 Brothers But They Were Always Dead Asleep When I Would Wake Up.Well i Remember That My mom Will Always Send Me To Her Room To Get Her Something Well While I Was Over There My Dad Will Go And Hug Me From The Back I Didn't Know What Was He Doing But I Knew Later On Like A Few Years Later That He Was Touching My Boobs Well Years Went By And By Age 12 I Got Sick One Day And My Mom Told Me To Go Sleep With Her And My Dad Well She Told Me To Sleep Between Them So I Did Well It Was Around 2 in The Morning When i Started To Get a Fever I Woke Up And I Felt A Hand Under My Clothes I Was Like Whats Happening Well I Open My Eyes And I Saw My Dad I Was Like Holy S*** What Is Wrong With Him He Did Not Notice That I Was Awake A few Minutes :Later He Woke Me Up Saying "Wake Up Time For Your Pills" I Open My Eyes And Follow Him To The Kitchen Pretending Nothing Had Happen Well Then I Get Back To The Room And Saw My Mom Was Sleeping On The Floor I Am Like What IS She Doing There But When i Went To The Room My Dad Went To The Bathroom And Got Dressed To Go To Work I Was Like What Am I Going To Do I Didn't Know What To Say.Well Monday Came Up I Told My Mom But I Guess She Wasn't Paying Attention When I Told Her Well I Went To School That Day I Was Still Sick Well That Same Day I Tried To Kill My Self Because I Felt So Disgusting Of My Self Well Time Went By But When Time Went By He Will Always Go To My Room And Check To See If My Brothers Were Asleep Then He Would Go To My Bed And Start Molesting Me I Really Didn't Know What To Do A Year Went By I Started 6 Grade Well In 6 Grade I Started To Hangout With Some Friend That Would Self Harm Well I Started To Self Harm Cause They Said That It Will Help Me Get Relieve So Then One Day I Got Caught With Some Blades And They Search On My Body To See If I Had Cuts Well They Did Found Some So Then They Called My Parents And Inform Them About Me Self Harming Well That Day I Tried To Kill My Self Again Didn't Work But I Was Still Getting Molest So I Didn't Know What To Do So Then I Started To Get Counseling Because OF My Self Harm Well Like I Didn't Want To Say A Word The Counselor Gave Up On Me And Let Me Go Well Counseling Was Over For Me Well 7 Grade Started Well I Started To Get Into Too Much Fight At School And Because Of My Behavior I Started Counseling Again Well They Will Go And Talk To The Whole Family About Safety Issues Because They Were Saying That They Were In Danger With Me Livening With Them But In My Mind I Would Say I Am In Danger Because I Get Molest But I Never Said Nothing About It Well My Mom Was Pregnant So When She Stayed In The Hospital For Delivery And To Be Checked On For 3 Days Well They Day She Give Birth Me And My Brothers and My Dad Got Home Around 2 My Brothers Were Tired So They Fall Asleep And While They Where Sleeping My Dad Got Me As Hard As He Could And Cover My Mouth Then He Raped Me Well I Really Didn't Know What To Do Because I Was Weak Well Time Went By Well He Will Always Tell Me To Go With Him Some Place To Help Him Out Well He Will Always Take Me To The Woods I Dont Know Where And He Will Make Me Suck His D*** But I Never Did I Refuse To Do it He Will Always But Stuff To Make Me Do it He Always Made Me Hold His D*** Well I Never Sucked His D*** But I Did Hold Was So Disgusting But He Wont Leave Me Alone Well On June ,27 ,2015 Everything Was Discover That Morning He Got Back From Work SO Early Then Usual Well My Brother Had Went To Sleep With My Mom That Day So When My Dad Got Home He Shake Everyone's Head To Check They Were Asleep Well He Saw Every One Was Asleep SO He Went To My Room And Got On Top Of Me When My Brother Went To The Room And Saw Him On Top Of Me He Didn't tell My Mom Till The After Noon She Started To Ask Questions But I Deny Them All So Then My Dad Left To Work And My Mom Started To Ask Questions I Had Nothing TO Deny So I Told The Truth She Was So Surprise Well On June 29,2015 Is When She Decided To Call The Police They Took Him The Next Day We Had Court He Had Been Starting At Me The Whole Time I Was There But I Was Just Smiling Because Everything Was Over Well Thanks For Reading My Whole Story :)
I never thought something like this would ever happen to me. I was always careful… I’ve taken self defense classes, carried pepper spray, watched missing women on the news and was always cautious of my surroundings. It’s true when they say most woman are assaulted by someone they are close to and you never see it coming. My story starts at one of my first sorority formals. I was so excited to finally be embarking on a true sorority journey. I bought a brand new dress and even got my makeup done to make sure this day was perfect. I “pre-gamed” with my pledge class and even some of my sorority family to kick off what I thought would be an amazing night. My friend had set me up with someone from one of the most well known fraternities on our campus. The night started off extremely innocent. We drank, laughed, danced and overall were having a good time. Two hours later I had realized that I had drank too much and I had wanted to go home, I wasn’t feeling well. A couple of girls I knew were leaving in a taxi and I asked if I could join… they told me there was no room. My date swiftly came outside and said he would take me to the bathroom to help me feel better. I trusted him; he was a good friend of one of my sorority sisters. Little did I know…. This exact moment in time would change my entire life forever. He brought me into the men’s bathroom and demanded that anyone in there had to leave. He pushed me up against a wall and began to assault me. I was too weak to say anything… too weak to push back. Tears streamed softly down my face and I begged for him to stop but he wouldn’t. He left me on the bathroom floor while I was crying. Something that lasted on a couple of minutes felt like an entire lifetime. I’ll never forget this day and how much it has changed my life. ?Days, months, and years later I had always wondered if there was something I could have done to protect myself in that moment. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn that dress and had my makeup done. Maybe I shouldn’t have had too much to drink. Maybe I should have had the courage to scream and yell, maybe even punch? It took me a long time to cope with what had happened to me. I never told a soul. I was embarrassed and afraid that the blame would be shifted onto me. I chalked it up to me being drunk, me just being an idiot. Maybe I gave him misleading signs? Maybe my body language was saying I wanted him. The answer should be NO, you did nothing wrong. This wasn’t my fault no matter what was happening. NO means NO. I now am no longer that girl; I find it hard to trust men. I hate going into bathrooms by myself, but I will rise from what has happened to me and fight against sexual assault and I’m sharing my story for the first time today to let woman know that it’s not your fault.
In sixth grade, I was the mean girl. I was mean to the boys earning me the name "lesbian demon" . The boys took revenge on me. They stole the teachers key and went in the teacher bathroom which locks. I was pushed in and knocked out due when I hit my head. I watched As my BFF's Jazzy and Greg were restrained as I woke up to them stripping me and cutting me with a razor blade. They then cut off my bra with scissors and cut up my panties I saw that Greg had a boner so they let him go if he would rape me first. He then unlooped his buckle and then I felt it. They let Jazzy go on one condition: they told her to strip and make out with me. They raped and cut her as well. They didn't let her stop even when they dragged her boyfriend in there and had him rape us both.We heard the sound of keys as the door opened. The dean walked in and saw us he had the boys get out and closed the door. We then heard the belt loops again. "I'm sorry. I have a boner and you just happen to be here."and the rape started again. We called my friend and had her get our gym clothes and 3 packs of bandages. She walked in and saw us crying and we told her. We were late to 7th period and walked in crying. Our teacher scolded us and made us explain why we're late. I wrote to explain the injuries and why we're late she told us to call our parents and tell them. We took pictures and sent them.the boys weren't in trouble but we live in fear.
Part 1: The first time was my first time I was 14 years old when I lost my virginity. It was to a guy named Sean(21) that I had met on the basketball court while I was playing basketball with a mutual friend we had. My friend that was playing basketball left & Sean stayed with me. I didn’t know how old he was, but he knew how old I was when he asked my friend. He really charmed me that night & I instantly liked him. We had many things in common, he was sweet, funny, kind, overall seemed like a good guy. He had went back on his Up With People tour & around the same time I moved back to Orlando his tour ended. I had a job at the time & we found out later his best friend was my best friend too. So after work I would go to our mutual friend’s house Luis, & Sean would be there & we would hang out. After multiple hangout outs, & makeout sessions I started to actually want to have sex with him for the first time. I was nervous, but I really liked him so I was thinking about it. One day I decided to try xanax. I got it from my friend luis(18) I didn’t know how strong they were I thought it was like a weed pill, but soon I’d find out me taking this drug ruined my life. After multiple blackouts on this drug not being able to control how many i took cause I would be out of my mind when I took more. Sure the high would fade, but the moment I felt my reality coming back I took like 4 more. It was a vicious cycle i deeply regret. I had started to show symptoms of addiction in the matter of a few days. Sean had seen me messed up a few times at Luis’s I’d either be sleeping passed the fuck out, or doing, saying some dumb shit. One night, I stayed the night at luis’s like I had multiple times, but we were only good friends. Igor had school so he called and asked Sean to come get me. Sean lived on the third floor, I lived on the second and Igor lived on the first floor. So Sean came & got me and thought I was to fucked up to go to my house so he took me to his house. I don’t remember that night at all. I woke up the next day went down stairs got some weed & came back to his house he had asked me too. I smoked it on the porch cause the pills were making me nauseous. After I was laying down & I asked Sean for some water to take more pills. He got me water & saw me take 2 more. He went out of the room and came back a little later. By this time I was really out of it I was stumbling I fell onto him I asked him for a shirt and he gave me a really reveling muscle t. I don’t remember much this is just flashbacks. I started talking about having sex & then he asked me to take of my clothes in a rude tone. Then when he first penetrated me I pushed him away then we had sex for a short time and he came on my stomach. When it was over I was like in shock. I felt so out of it & i was registering I wasn’t a virgin anymore. I started crying and i didn’t even know why I was crying I was just in shock I guess. He asked me why I was crying & I told him i had taken some xanax. I don’t remember what happened after, but next thing I remember is I’m at luis’s and he asks me whats wrong and I just burst out in tears. He was my best friend, but he’s never seen me cry. I remember him getting me a tissue and hugging me and laughing. Next thing I remember is I call my best friend to tell her I lost my virginity. I don’t remember the conversation exactly. Then Luis invited his friend Stan over that I didn’t like cause he was a jerk. Luis told him what Sean & I did then Stan started asking questions I don’t remember exactly. I took pills again the next morning. A few days passed that I don’t remember, But I got severely depressed about how I lost my virginity It didn’t feel right, but I thought no Sean cares about me, no I initiated it it was all me, but why does this feel so wrong? Why do I feel so sad? I mean I did want to have sex didn’t I? before that happened I thought I was ready, but when it did happen he was so mean & I felt so used and I couldn’t even remember my first time it was all a blur. I just brushed it off in my denial world of pills. A guy I was talking to before Sean that I had cut off because he only wanted sex and i had felt Sean dissevered my virginity more than him. I had no more worth for myself I had thought this man cared about me & he took advantage of me at the time I hadn’t realized the quite yet because of the pills I just kept taking them so I’d black out and forget it. I invited Noah(17) over one night & he knew I was on pills because I told him, but I’m the one who invited him. We had sex I don’t really remember it at all then he left & I passed out and went to sleep. The next day my drug dealer was at my house I did’t know how he got there, but I remember us talking and he brought a blunt. Soon after he had sex with me too and left the next morning. I was sober after this for about a few days because I never went to work high on pills., and same with school, but i’m pretty sure some days i went messed up. While I was clear minded I started to realize what I’ve done and how the Sean thing still felt wrong. I started to question Luis about it. I asked him hesitantly if it was date rape. He told me no because I took the pill myself. A few days later or the next day not sure I was with my friend Liam smoking at my house I had started to feel scared around guys once I got the rape idea in my head, but I was still in denial. I had started to feel uncomfortable around Adam even though he wasn’t doing anything I was just paranoid. I had lost my trust for him. So I asked Luis to come and get me. Luis came and took me to his house and threatened Liam he’d cut off his balls if he ever touched me. I was sleeping in his bed when (17)Stan had shown up. Stan was never at Luis’s when I was there & I’d leave when he would show up because we didn’t like each other, but I had been in Luis’s bed sleeping next thing I know Stan is sleeping between Luis and I. I was up a few hours later and he's touching me I was breathing heavy, but I was in a blackout out until I herd Luis say “Stan fucking stop” I had woken up when Luis yelled that I didn’t realize what Stan was doing. Then a few hours later he started to touch me again. Luis told him to get up and they talked in the bathroom i herd Luis say “Don’t fucking touch her she’s fucked up mad I’ll hit you” When I heard this I could hear and see but I couldn’t move a muscle. A few hours later I remember Stan touching me again I looked at the clock it was about 5am Luis got up and left the room to sleep on the couch he said he got mad cause it was “too hot in his room” The moment Luis closed the door and Stan instantly got on top of me & I could barely keep my eyes open, talk, or move my own body. I remember him making me deep throat when I had never gave head before. He was positioning me in many different ways He made me move cause I couldn’t myself. that I have flashbacks of all the time. I remember the condom broke and he freaked out then just decided to not use a condom. I remember falling asleep at some point then i woke up and he was doing something else. The next morning I woke up and he left to go get the morning after pill. I don’t remember the day after I took more pills to drown out what happened. The next time I went to school i had a mental breakdown I had been doing research on rape and looking up how I felt cause I felt like I was going crazy. I looked up why I was feeling like that just to feel more normal. I was no longer the same person. I left school that day crying I couldn’t do it I had no more motivation I just wanted to die. My sister saw me walking and picked me up. She asked me why I was acting like that and I told her she told my mom and she called the cops on Sean & Stan I’ll never forget my mom screaming at the top of her lungs so angry “My daughter got raped by two guys!” She called the cops and i denied everything. I still didn’t want to believe it I wanted to protect Sean. One day I went to school crying to a teacher telling her everything. She asked me to report him, but I told her no. She let me skip my classes almost everyday cause being at school I just constantly had to go to the bathroom cry and have a panic attack. I stopped taking pills for a while after Stan because I was scared, but when I stopped taking them that’s when my reality finally hit. I started missing school almost everyday because when i went I’d have to see Stan on the bus, & I’d be so terrified. About a week later I reported Sean with the teacher that was letting me stay in her class. I had to meet with a detective at school and tell him everything. It was the first time I had to truly re live every moment of the rape. I met with him several times after. Sean soon herd what was going on and came and found me outside sitting at the pound. It was the first time I’d ever felt scared of him. I was shaking. We argued for hours on his version of what happened verses mine. He claimed he had no idea that I was on the bars, at first i thought he was lying, but the more and more he asked to hang out and talked to me he started to convince me he was right I just shut out the reasons I knew he wasn’t. cause who wants to believe they were raped when this man i cared about was telling me i wasn’t. He was 21 I was a 13 year old girl and I never registered he was just manipulating me to save himself. I told him about Stan and he’d tell me if anything Stan should get in trouble and not him. He would kiss me on the forehead when i left acting like he cared about me, but I was being a dumb young girl. When everyone important to me was telling me he’s manipulating me. I went to a therapist and accidentally turned in Stan the lady told me it was a confidential session so I told her about him and she reported it. I soon got scared of going through with turning them in. Sean was convincing me, I was scared to see them in court. So i stopped the case. Months later i stopped doing pills and I met a boy named Elias we started dating. He became a jerk and stood me up once, and showed up with another girl in the car. So I broke up with him. Then one night i got really high of xanax and weed i blackout that night i was with elias, Noah and another friend. Later that night (16)Elias and Noah had a plan to just leave me with Noah because I could barely walk, and vince wanted to have sex. He took me to the bathroom at the time i didn’t know what was going home and he took advantage of me, after that day I never hung out with Noah again and Elias for a while. I started dating my best friend (blank) he’s always been in love with me but i just loved the fact he loved me for me because no one else i cared about did. He was there for me through so much I’d stay the night at his house and he knew i didn’t want to have sex because I wasn’t ready. He would hold me at night when i cried about what happened and he’d be there for me trying to help me not give up when i already had. He’d make me get up and go to school and just tried to help rebuild me into the person i was. One night it was halloween I relapsed and i was at my ex boyfriend (blank)’s house so i felt safe. I had gotten my mom to call off of work for me. While I was messed up at my ex boyfriend’s house Elias calls me. Saying he wanted to get me for a halloween party. I was messed up and had never been to a party i was trying to be happy. Elias picked me up & didn’t even leave the complex I was all dressed up as a devil for a halloween party and he told me it had just canceled. Then some how I got in the back seat and he was trying to have sex i told him no and was pushing him off of me. My back was painfully hitting the inside of the side of his car and i was telling his that I was in pain and he needed to stop, but he wouldn’t then i saw camera flashes from outside of the car I asked him what was going on and he laughed. After words I told him that I didn’t want him to do that and he started saying really mean things like “you’re a hoee everyone knows” the rest i don't remember but i was crying and i told him to take me to building 8. When I got out of the car he almost hit me with it and sped off really fast. I stayed the night at Liam’s that night i cried told him what happened and then passed out in his closet. One day my mom and sister tried to get me help then I started getting pictures of that night elias raped me someone took pictures and i was being blackmailed. I started to freak out I don’t really remember this day at all and I didn’t even take pills. I had a mental breakdown that day and all 2 cases were back on including Elias’s. Ever since October 30th 2015 I’ve never taken another pill. So far I’ve been sober for 7 months. The court case with Sean he gets 6 years probation may be reduced to 3 years and is charged with “Child abuse”. Elias raped another girl from my school with a gun, and then stole his mom’s car and ran to Michigan she reported it stolen and he raped another girl in Michigan which reported him. I’m not sure whats happening to him yet, but I know it wont be good. Stan’s case I’ve herd absolutely nothing. I’m hurt that this happened, but I’m getting better. I met a man I love, but issues from my past effect us. I regularly have flashbacks and they live in my neighborhood so I'm scared to walk anywhere. Ever since this happened I’ve defiantly grown and am doing the best i can. I tried to kill myself 3 times after these events, but i’ve stopped now. It really sucks that this has ruined my life and I’m barely getting justice, but there’s nothing I can do and its sad. These men took away my voice, and destroyed my worth. Now I’m fighting shard to get my confidence back. So after all this I feel like this event has truly made me grow. I see the world as a different place. I dropped out of school and constantly spend my time at my boyfriends house. He showed me love again. Even though these events still harm our relationship he tries to show me there’s more to me than what happened. I remember telling my dad months after this all had happened. My mom told me she told him, but she never did. So that day I was in the car with him with tears running down my face saying over and over "I thought she told you." When he found out at first he was sympathetic, but then as time went by his anger set in. He started screaming how it was all my mother's fault and she should've know. Seeing my dad like that, having to tell him that was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Man in Florida ruined my innocence I’ve felt sorrow I’ve felt vengeance I felt what it was like to lose God Tears run down my face allot no one understood I felt the guilt and the blame I felt what it was like to be ashamed being in my own skin felt different When I said no what else could it have meant I felt the world as a different place My reality hit my heart would race I’ve felt driving in a car and breaking down because the flashbacks are here and now everyday they say grow stronger but I feel my self breaking longer day by day I got better found a man to write me letters I have felt love again but all my trust is gone I struggle to get better but as long as i stay alive I know I can forever.
This is going to be hard but I think sharing might help . I was the youngest of 4 . I had 2 older brothers and an older sister . There was 7 yrs. between my sister and I and 10 and 12 yrs between my brothers and I . My dad was in the service and before I was born a POW of the Korean war for 33 months . He was my hero . My parents however were alcoholics . My mom was a very cruel person. She would push my dad to his limits . My dad would beg her to please just leave him alone but she would just keep it up until he would beat her badly . She would go to the hospital by ambulance and Dad would go to jail . This went on from as far back as I can remember till I was grown and out of the house . I pretty much felt like an only child because my brothers left home really young . My mom was really mean to my sister so she had live in babysitting jobs and was on her own by the time she was 18 . My mom I would say was more mentally cruel to me than physically . You never knew what to expect when you got home from school and you hated weekends . So many bad things happened . I will just say a few that still has an effect on me to this day . We lived in Alaska and they spent most of their time in the bar . I was with them it was okay for children to be in the bars back then . Her male drunk friends took turns holding me on their laps . I hated it . She laughed and thought it was fine . My dog was attacked by a moose and in really bad shape . She would not let him in the house or take him to the vet . I was 13 . I sat in the freezing cold holding him on the porch till he died in my arms . My dad helped me bury him . One night she woke me and made me get the scissors and she cut off her hair because my dad didn't buy her a wig . I was devastated . He did go buy her a wig though. I was raped by a man she had me ride horses with . I never told her because she would not have believed me or she wouldn't have cared . I was married the first time at 17 because I got pregnant and mom and dad said your getting married . He was 21 and they said marry her or go to jail . We got married . He cheated on me and we were divorced in a year . I married the 2nd time and it lasted 25 years and we had 2 daughters . He also cheated on me and became very controlling . Kept me isolated from everyone . I had been divorced since 1999 and went to work as a pharmacy tech. I was hurt badly at work and ended up going through several surgeries and I am on disability . I live alone. Have my own little home all paid for . I decided maybe after talking to my grown children I should try online dating . I met what I thought was a really nice man . In the end he was a master manipulated and a convicted felon . I found out he had 50 some charges on him over his lifetime . Mostly domestic violence . He ended up holding me a knifepoint for over 8 hours . He had that knife to my throat so many times and said be was going to kill me than himself . He ended up tearing my bicept muscle and my rotator cuff. Bruised me up pretty good . Stabbed my phone , his phone, my kitchen table . Cut up my bedding . Broke all my mirrors. destroyed my bedroom. Broke pictures, the TV, kicked walls, appliances, closet doors . He made me take off my clothes and get in bed . I dropped them in a pile so if I got a chance to get away I could grab them . He finally passed out from the alcohol he consumed so I grabbed my clothes dressing on the way out the front door . Made it to a near by bar and the police came and arrested him . He made bail and got out 7 weeks after that and started tormenting me . Following me , leaving things on my porch . It finally stopped I found out later he found another girlfriend and was abusing her . Finally get to court he pleas, gets time served for the 7 weeks , pays restitution and was suppose to move to California. Oh and he has a 5 year restraining order. I didn't think that was justice but that was what happened. Apparently when you break the tip off your knife stabbing things it isn't long enough to be considered a deadly weapon anymore . I did go to dv counseling for awhile . I did eventually meet another man that I grew to trust as much as I possibly could . He was great for almost 2 yrs . So kind and caring and considerate . Then one night about a month ago . He decides he wants sex . I was having a hard time because for lack of a better word it was the anniversary of the day I almost lost my life . He took me to the bedroom and forced my head down on him . I told him No . He didn't stop . When he let my head up I told him No again but he didn't stop . He never hit me nor did he threatening me . It was forceful and it hurt as I felt blood in my throat because he shoved his fingers in my throat when he was inside of me . I never fought him or tried to get away I just went with it . I guess maybe I should of atleast tried to stop him . He had always told me before to just say No and he would stop . He didn't . He is a big guy . I am 5 Ft. 122 lbs and he is 6ft. 245lbs. I think I was in shock I couldn't believe it was happening . He had never done anything like that before. He is a senior Accountant for the county and on the council for the small town he lives in . He does volunteer work for scope . I still don't understand it . I never said anything to him that night or morning . He left from my house and went to work . He was suppose to come over for Easter but I called him and told him not to . Easter night I ended it with him . It was hard because I really cared for him . I told him I felt very violated and like I had been raped or sexually assaulted . He is very angry at me as I gave him back everything he ever gave me and he thinks I might go to the authorities . I really can't take anymore of this in my life . Maybe it wasn't rape or sexual assult . It sure felt like it to me . I almost killed myself after he did that to me . He said he is sorry he hurt me . He also says he did not rape or assult me . I e-mailed him and text him several times . I just wanted to know why he did that to me and thought it would give me closure . All it has done is make him deny it more . I have to let it go and try and move forward . I won't tell the police as it would not change what happened and it would make it hard on me and both of our families . I also really don't know if what he did really was a crime . I know I felt like it was . I have so much anxiety . I have nightmares and trouble leaving my home . I am strong though I made it through so much trauma so far . Life can sure be unfair sometimes . Thank you for the letting me get all this out .
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This is going to be hard but I think sharing might help .
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they say forgive and you will forget but I have forgiven but never forgot, everyday being reminded by the years of being molested by my best friends dad at the age of 6-8 to scared to tell anyone because I didn't know what he was capable of, ...
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so i just wanted to tell you about my story how i was molested and almost raped.
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