Start A Movement In Your Community

Use our resources to launch a campaign, extend your reach, and prepare community members to respond supportively when someone says, “I was raped.”

Training resources

Community Presentations

Find everything you need to begin a conversation in your community. The Start by Believing slideshow introduces the philosophy with heartbreaking news stories from across the country, and inspiring examples of local, regional, and statewide initiatives. The Research-Based Presentation can be tailored with local information to explain the rationale, purpose, and potential impact of a campaign.

Supporting Research

Published articles and training bulletins help you explain the rationale for the Start by Believing philosophy, document its research base, and demonstrate its potential impact. Feel free to use this information to develop your own campaign materials, training resources, grant proposals, and more.

Campaign Materials

Action Kits

There are many ways to take action, and our kits give you the tips and tools you need to get started. They are individually tailored and filled with examples from other communities.

Graphics And Templates

No need to “re-invent the wheel” when you can use materials created and shared by other communities.

Print Materials

Use our materials to spread the word, or create your own with our logo graphics.

Spanish Language

Extend your reach in the community with campaign materials translated into Spanish.